Wis-Edu Profile


Wis-Edu was founded in 2013 in Shanghai, China, a company focuses on online marketing for International institutions in developing education market in China.

Wis-Edu is a team of returnees, IT, and marketing professionals.

Think Locally

Develop Chinese education market with Chinese people together.

Our History

August, 2016

Partner-University of Limerick

 Wis-Edu sets up and maintains University of Limerick’s Chinese website.

July, 2015

Partner-University of Limerick

 Wis-Edu operates University of Limerick’s social media (Sina Weibo & WeChat)

December, 2014

Partner- Ireland Education Service Center

 Wis-Edu operates IESC’s social media (Sina Weibo & WeChat)

May, 2013

Partner-Ireland Education Service Center

Wis-Edu sets up and maintains IESC & Sihai’s Chinese website.

May, 2013

Partner-Brand New Consulting International Co. Ltd.

Wis-Edu sets up and maintains BNCI’s Chinese website.

January, 2013

Wis-Edu sets up

 Wis-Edu assists International institutions in developing local Chinese Education Market.

Partners' Reference

Dear Wis-Edu,

On behalf of the University of Limerick, I would like to extend my thanks to you for the work that you have done for promoting Irish Culture, Irish Education through Social Media in China.

The Chinese Community is an important part of the international community at UL. The impact is becoming essential and more efficient, we value your assistant in promoting the University of Limerick through various Social Media Channels in China and we look forward to continuing and expanding our collaborations with you.

Lisa Pan- China Manager, University of Limerick

Dear Wis-Edu,

I am so glad to have such a good partner like you to set up our Chinese website. The design is so fashion, modern and popular. Hope we have more deeply cooperation.

Jacky Cheng- Marketing Manager, BNCI

Dear Wis-Edu,

Thank you for designing such a nice official website for IESC, and it eliminates my concerns. Thanks so much for your patience.

And we receive amounts of followers and subscribers for our Sina Weibo and WeChat because of your fancy design, patience for replying their questions on behalf of IESC.

Keep in cooperating with Wis-Edu.

Elva Lam- Marketing Manager, IESC


University of Limerick