Chinese Website Service

  • Set Up Chinese Website
  • Website ICP Record
  • One English Domain Name
  • Translation (English to Chinese)
  • Maintain Webpage Content and Server
  • Use Chinese Language as Reading Language
  • Articles Manageable from the Backend
  • Design Pages Including Home Page and Inner Pages
  • Leave Online Message

Social Media Service

  • Sina Weibo & WeChat
  • Open Account
  • Pages Design for Sina Weibo
  • Introduction Design for WeChat
  • Maintain Account
  • Post News
  • Online Event/ Promotion
  • Interaction

Office Support Service

WisEdu’s programme office support service offers virtual office, including

  • Reception Service
  • IT Service
  • Telephone Counseling service
  • Sharing Reception Room & Meeting Room
  • Assistance Service
  • Business Trip Service
  • etc.

Recruitment Service

Your Role
-Decide Recruitment & Selection, Requirements, Methods, Procedures, etc.
-Recruit & Select Candidates
-Arrange Job Task
-Confirm Salary

Wis-Edu’s Role
-Advertise Recruitment Information
-Arrange Interview
-Discuss with Institution
-Give Feedback to Candidates
-Share Our Office with Such Person (if you need)

Research & Advisory Service

WisEdu will provide market roadmaps, as well as executive consultation with dozens of institutions from around the world, assisting them in the development of their international education strategy, evaluate and build out internal infrastructure to support international education and develop strategic marketing resources.

China Alumni Network Service

Bring advantages to school, Chinese graduated students, future students
-Chinese prospective students prefer to ask such persons with related experiences
-Such Network will make school recruiting future students well

For this Network, including
-Hold China Alumni Network event
-Maintain China Alumni contacts
-Offer related resources to school or representative from Alumni Network

Custermized Service

  • For Special Requirements
  • Promotion for Particular Programme
  • For Business Service as long as School Staff Come to Shanghai
  • Order Gifts
    -With school’s logo
    -A great variety of goods
    -Good quality
    -Low production fee

Materials Local Printing & Delivery Service

  • High Printing Quality
  • Low Printing Fee
    -Fee in your country is at least double as it in China
  • Low Delivery Fee
    -Fee in China is at least half as it in your country
  • Delivery Service